Supporting the Cape and Islands LGBTQ Community
Structure & Committees
GALE Fund Advisory Board:

Paul Goddu

Past Chairs:
Paige Riley
Richard Johnson

Board Members: 
Mark Downey
Grant Pike
Patrick Wendell
Chris Hedetniemi

Grants Committee:
Lois Hirshberg
Janice Hank
Sally Michael
Mark Downey
Richard Johnson

CCFoundation Liason:
Dara Bryan

Past Chairs Rabbi Elias Lieberman and David Kuehn

The Gale Fund consists of Officers, an Advisory Board, Committee Chairpersons and Members. 

The Executive Committee meets once a month and is composed of the Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair, and Committee Chairpersons. The Chair serves for a period of two years. The Vice Chair is the Chair Elect, an arrangement which provides for orientation and training prior to assuming the Chairmanship.

The Advisory Board meets six times a year and consists of the Executive Committee and three members at large. The Advisory Board is the decision-making body of the Fund and makes recommendations on all activities and directions to the Cape Cod Foundation. The Cape Cod Foundation holds fiduciary responsibility for the GALE Fund.

There are four Committees: Grants, Events, Marketing and Membership:
  • The Grants Committee evaluates applications and recommends grants to the Advisory Board and Cape Cod Foundation.  It holds informative seminars and grant-writing training sessions from time to time, and indivdual committee members often visit grantees to understand the implimentation and impact of the grant monies. Committee meetings are more frequent in the winter when applications are evaluated, and may be very infrequent at other seasons.
  • The Events committee plans and organizes a series of events each year, typically consisting of the Spring Fling, an Advisory Board member cultivation event (typically spring), and a reception for the broad membership group (typically fall).  This committee meets most frequently to plan the events in spring and fall.  It plans the Spring Fling and solicits businesses and individuals as corporate sponsors and donors of goods and services, then assists in running the event.  Much of the other activities of this committee falls into the category of party planning; as a result it is a fun group of people planning fun events.  The Events Committee meets approximately ten times per year.
  • The Marketing Committee seeks to publicize the mission, goals, events and achievements of the GALE Fund.  This is largely achieved through our Newsletter, publicity releases about events to newspapers, radio stations and other media outlets, invitations to events, and the Spring Fling Program.  The committee is responsible for graphic design of all publications, for content of the newsletter, website, and for communicating with the media.  This committee also designs and maintains the GALE Fund website.  Meeting of this committee are held four to six times per year.
  • The Membership Committee is responsible for soliciting new members and for encouraging new members to join committees and participate actively in the Gale Fund's efforts.  It's task is to match the interest level and proclivity of new members to the needs of the Fund.  Individuals may have time or skills which can benefit the Fund in efforts or at particular moments. The Membership Committee meets four to six times per year.
  • A Fundraising Committee is needed to identify and solicit corporate sponsors and major donors for the Events and Fund.  This effort is intimately linked with Events Committee.

Many individuals may want to be involved without being able to commit to regular participation. If you can help in a limited fashion, please contact an individual on the right side of this page.

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